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People forget that the Mavs also tried to recruit LeBron in 2010. This legendary fan-made music video remains as a testament to what could have been.


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this project very good and hot in the crypto network market.

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Am l? Am I?


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Riddle me this,why is it that in the western world all love and marriage OK excluding Mormon polygamous marriage.


Why is that frowned upon?.I have never understood that,especially with the Mormon documentaries, that just paint mormonism and polygamy as a cult.

I mean as self ascribed progressives, the western world would be OK with polygamy.

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Housing Fence complaint - Neighbour won’t provide landlords details.


Hi, so basically we’ve had a new fence put up on right side of our house attached to a brick wall that extends from our house and has the fence and gates replaced at the back of the garden that connects to it and then fixed the wall on the back of our garden that is next to the neighbour on our lefts fence/gatepost.

The neighbour on the right is friendly and we spoke to them before hand as the workmen needed access to the other side and they are chuffed as it’s looks really good compared to the old fence.

We didn’t speak to the neighbour on the right as it didn’t seem like it would impact on them as the old fence was on our wall and just secured on the gate post previously and would have been screwed into the original holes and their fence has a post that sits on top of our brick wall at the back of the garden and they didn’t need any access to get it sorted, was straight take off the old fence part and reattach.

Now as it was getting done just at the end she ran down and shouted at the builders for attaching it to her gate post so they ended up attaching the fence to the piece of wood that sits on our brick wall that’s attached to their fence post so now it’s not in line with the brick but angled a bit to compensate. Anyway, we couldn’t be bothered to argue if they were being petty so allowed it.

Now she’s not gone to talk to us directly but I was in the garden and she met up with someone in a van who literally stopped outside then backs standing outside our garden banging on that bit of fence of our fence talking in hush tones before he drove off.

Now the issue probably is because she’s told them they can’t attach the fence to to her gate post where it originally was there is a slight gap between her fence where our brick wall is maybe a few cm.

They won’t provide us with their landlords details - we asked last time as my partner tried to attach drawing pins to the fence for a bit of string to hold some plants up and she shouted so much at my partner. We said could we get the landlords number to ask permission and she got offended by this and refused (not the first time we’ve asked)

Now I get the left side /right side of the fence but what are the rules for back fences that need to adjoin to something - technically it’s on our back brick wall that basically lines up with her fence exactly. It goes fence post - piece of wood leaning on our brick wall that’s always been there and then our fence post attached to that.

I’m concerned they are going to do damage to the new bit of fencing. They’ve not approached us to talk directly and now speaking to someone whose a workman or possibly their landlord.

Would we own the full brick wall? As it basically lines up with their fence rather than being in line with their fence post and I’m wondering if potentially their whole fence encroaches on our property or if it’s actually ours and we own both sides

I’ve checked the deeds and registry online but can’t see anything to suggest it is, I know the right side is ours as there is brick extending from our house as the wall and not t attached to the neighbours.

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Discussion Are there any exams for scholarship after 12th?


Nobody is going to help me with further studies. Family is already drowning in the pool of debt.

What exam I can possibly give as a 12th pass in 2020 with 72% in PCB to fund my education?

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1.4 Valkenheim En Invierno [Caballeros] - 4K | For Honor


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This vibe captured from my last show by Scarlett Greenfield, photographer in MT

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steinhardt questions


is steinhardt considered a conservatory for music? also, can anyone speak on double majoring in music through steinhardt and something else in another school?

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Discussion Anyone else trying to get gambit or crucible shaders?


I've been seeing a few crucible shaders drop a while ago, but I haven't seen any more drop since- same goes for gambit. Was that a temporary thing they did? Or can we still get shaders from completing matches, and that my rng just sucks atm?

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Budget Reliable CCW (Updated the dot to a CT RAD Micro)

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Team Flex Got into Elite in Division Rivals!


I know its almost end of the season and it will reset me back to Div 2 in 2 days, but it feels good to reach the Elite Division. Maybe, I should not get my hopes up for the TOTS Pick (will get that 1 win of course for the upgrade pack) , but still grateful to this achievement. Thanks to this team!



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“Welcome to Taco Bell, we are in the middle of a 30 minute training session, so we are unable to take orders right now.”

  1. I call BS on that
  2. What restaurant would shut down for training at lunchtime?

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Discussion Does an OE/1S Ultracite set exist on PS?


I know there are „common“ sets like oe/ap/sent and oe/ap/fdc, but does an oe/1s/? set exist? And if so, what’s the rough value?

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How i can make a controller like this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nfW-991ZPo


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$XLB Awaiting Short Signal based off 19 signals on the 15-min chart. Free Trial at https://t.co/emZsi1kAMx https://t.co/HPicwqsTOR

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Unidentified 🤷‍♂️ 2 weeds in front yard


I have 2 what I believe are weeds in my front yard, one is growing really tall (the yellow one) and is starting to be overtop of all our wildflowers, the other looks kinda nice (small white daisy looking) but am still curious what it is.

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California by Phantom Planet (Except all the words are replaced with "California")


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Where are the Coco Roos?


Kroger doesn't seem to carry the alternative to cocoa puff cereal anymore. I think I've seen it at Walmart but it's a shame because it's one of the best varieties.

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Airman first class Morgan Freeman - 1950s

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I need some advice!


We had a tenant completley destory our park model home. They took the blinds and all. We are having it redone and not it is time to put in floors and paint but I don't even know what to do now.

- What color should we paint the interior?

- Should we repaint the cabinets or leave them?

- What color and type of blinds? Curtains also?

- What color flooring?

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karma4karma pls i return


In need for karma..i need karma please upvote~

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Memes "Time Wars: the Adventures of Kobra Olympus" is a comic book about a trans Muslim superhero

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