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Weekly Friends Thread Making Friends Monday! Share your game tags here!


Use this post to look for new friends to game with! Share your gamer tag & platform, and meet new people!

This thread is posted weekly on Mondays (adjustments made as needed).

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Reddit API Changes, Subreddit Blackout, and How It Affects You


Hello /r/gaming!

tl;dr: We’d like to open a dialog with the community to discuss /r/gaming’s participation in the June 12th reddit blackout. For those out of the loop, please read through the entirety of this post. Otherwise, let your thoughts be heard in the comments. <3

As many of you are already aware, reddit has announced significant upcoming changes to their API that will have a serious impact to many users. There is currently a planned protest across hundreds of subreddits to black out on June 12th. The moderators at /r/gaming have been discussing our participation, and while we’ve come to a vote and agreement internally, we wanted to ensure that whatever action we take is largely supported by our community.

What’s Happening

  • Third Party reddit apps (such as Apollo, Reddit is Fun and others) are going to become ludicrously more expensive for it’s developers to run, which will in turn either kill the apps, or result in a monthly fee to the users if they choose to use one of those apps to browse. Put simply, each request to reddit within these mobile apps will cost the developer money. The developers of Apollo were quoted around $2 million per month for the current rate of usage. The only way for these apps to continue to be viable for the developer is if you (the user) pay a monthly fee, and realistically, this is most likely going to just outright kill them. Put simply: If you use a third party app to browse reddit, you will most likely no longer be able to do so, or be charged a monthly fee to keep it viable.

  • NSFW Content is no longer going to be available in the API. This means that, even if 3rd party apps continue to survive, or even if you pay a fee to use a 3rd party app, you will not be able to access NSFW content on it. You will only be able to access it on the official reddit app. Additionally, some service bots (such as video downloaders or maybe remindme bots) will not be able to access anything NSFW. In more major cases, it may become harder for moderators of NSFW subreddits to combat serious violations such as CSAM due to certain mod tools being restricted from accessing NSFW content.

  • Many users with visual impairments rely on 3rd-party applications in order to more easily interface with reddit, as the official reddit mobile app does not have robust support for visually-impaired users. This means that a great deal of visually-impaired redditors will no longer be able to access the site in the assisted fashion they’re used to.

  • Many moderators rely on 3rd-party tools in order to effectively moderate their communities. When the changes to the API kicks in, moderation across the board will not only become more difficult, but it will result in lower consistency, longer wait times on post approvals and reports, and much more spam/bot activity getting through the cracks. In discussions with mods on many subreddits, many longtime moderators will simply leave the site. While it’s tradition for redditors to dunk on moderators, the truth is that they do an insane amount of work for free, and the entire site would drastically decrease in quality and usability without them.

Open Letter to reddit & Blackout

In lieu of what’s happening above, an open letter has been released by the broader moderation community, and /r/gaming will be supporting it. Part of this initiative includes a potential subreddit blackout (meaning the subreddit will be privatized) on June 12th, lasting 48 hours or longer.

We would like to give the community a voice in this. Do you believe /r/gaming should fully support the protest and blackout the subreddit for at least June 12th? How long if we do? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions below.


/r/gaming Mod Team

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Diablo IV has $ 25 horse armor DLC - the circle is complete


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Dear newer Diablo fans thinking its okay that a cosmetic cost $24.. This was my DLC back in the day. It cost $20 and came with 9 maps..

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Long story short. An outfit shouldn't cost 33% of what the main game cost. For that much they better be giving you something worth $24.

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War Thunder Players Formed a Union, Decided on a Boycott - On The Day of, the Organizers were Spotted Playing the Game


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Some games don't always think about asymmetry between factions through

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Spore is unironically a work of genius and deserves a sequel


Seriously. The game lets you create semi-arbitrary 3D characters and have them run around and interact with a procedurally generated environment. With the amount of customization available to the player the fact that it runs at all has me convinced it was coded with ancient and magical runes of power. The way it lets you interact with and shape planets is also crazy. You can shape, colonize, paint, terraform, all to hundreds of planets and somehow your save file isn't massive. What is this wizardry.

Of course I can't pretend the game hasn't also earned the criticism it has and still does get. There's plenty wrong with it too. I just wish we could see another attempt at a game of that creativity and scope with modern technology. A true sequel to Spore could be one of the greatest games ever, but no one even seems interested in trying. Probably due to the aforementioned dark wizardry.

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Upgraded Leviathan Axe head I've been working on. (3d printed). Still a WIP.

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Microsoft Promises No Full CG Trailers for Xbox Showcase First-Party Games


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Win 4 vs steam deck size comparison

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Found theses two at work:

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The postman from Zelda:Twilight Princess was the best in the series


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help i tried making a pig!

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I crocheted a Growlithe! (No pattern, I just looked at a couple reference pictures)

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My imaginative 6 year old loves Zelda. I found this out in yard today

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Gloom Hand Machamp [OC]

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I drew a causal Sylvanas years ago. Now I decided to draw a causal Alexstrasza. I hope you will like it.

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How many times have you bought both these games?

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[A Plague Tale: Innocence] This is a very good experience. Except Hugo. F*ck Hugo

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My Sakura Wars Game Boy Color and Pocket Sakura

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RoboCop: Rogue City Shooting for M Rating to Capture the "Violence from the Films"


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It's gonna be this kind of sunday

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Found out there is a Fallout themed Brewery close by to where I live.

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Don't care what Ubisoft says, this is the canon ending for Far Cry 4

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With third party apps closing, what are some other gaming forum alternatives?


Also are the mods here doing anything like some of the other subs or just running like usual?

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Looking for a WW1 PC horror FPS game from 2010-ish


EDIT: FOUND THE GAME!!! 1916: Der unbekannte Krieg

Hi! Since r/tipofmyjoystick just auto-deletes my post for no reason (I followed each and every one of their posting rules), I'll share it here in the hopes of finding help. I'm directly copying what I've written to that sub which they, for some reason, didn't allow, lmao.

UPDATE: they allowed it, but I'll keep this one here as well.

Platform(s): PC

Genre: FPS/survival horror (indie game)

Estimated year of release: 2010-ish

Graphics/art style: 3D, black&white or green/blue&white

Notable characters: main character, a nameless soldier

Notable gameplay mechanics: I don't remember

Other details: So I vividly remember playing a game at around 2010-2012 or so (maybe later? but like before 2014 I'd say), 3D FPS where you are a WWI soldier going through trenches. Since it's been more then a decade, I can't remember much of it, aside from it 99% sure being an indie game. The game (or at least as far as I've played it) took place exclusively in trenches.

The screen/hue was purposefully black&white or blue/green&white (can't remember which, but not regular colors in any case), to give it a more creepy atmosphere. As far as I remember, you also had guns and had to fight off.... something? A monster? Monsters? Humans? Zombies? But the whole time the soundscaepe and landscape was made so horrible and distorted that it really gave the game its identity and was generally uncomfortable to play (for me back then, at least). No, it wasn't NecroVisioN, Mortyr, or any MP game. It was a single-player-only indie game.

With Amnesia: The Bunker out, I wanted to revisit this game, but that's really the only thing I remember from it: the distordet color filters, sounds, and general unease the game gave off.I hope someone can point me into the right direction, or give me a title. Thank you all guys and gals in advance!

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Needed a break from Tears of the Kingdom. I think I have a problem

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