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Discussion I am a botter / gold seller at the start of every major classic expansion release, as unpopular as ill be, ask me anything and ill honestly answer you.


Majority of my selling is done directly to suppliers of major websites as price and demand fluctuate. I also have regulars from guild leaders to casuals who hit me up, below is a screenshot of what i made off this particular website in the first 3 weeks of wrath launch, but as mentioned i sell all over the place. Id avarage $2-3000 per month for the first 3 months of an expansion launch, ill run anywhere from 5-25 bots at a time. To explain the SS this was the profit on this site during wrath launch, its not the biggest site i use, but just over $1000 from it.


Been doing this since the glider days ( real vanilla ) , on and off between the years. Not here to gloat or shitpost, just see ALOT of misinformation regarding selling gold in wow, for example i am not chinese, i do care about the game and i do belive more should/could be done to stop people like me.

That said, ask me anything.

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Discussion After leading a couple of SR runs, I'm not surprised GDKP exists.


Basically my guild died and I wanted to finish my Valanyr, so I started hosting some SR runs with fragments reserved. It was a complete disaster: loot drama, people saying that class doesn't need x items, people just alt f4-ing after their item doesnt drop, we were left with 20 people at yogg and couldn't even finish the raid, and it was a normal run. This happened twice.

After this I decided screw it I'm hosting GDKPs, well, everybody sticks in, very easy to replace people in case it happens cause new recruits just get the full cut, and we cleared algalon and almost all hms every time.

So what are we talking about? I think without bots Gdkps would still exist, but instead of selling things at 50k they would sell for 3-5, but this model of raiding is just too efficient.

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Discussion Want to play Vanilla+ WoW?


Come join us on Turtle WoW! This is a WoW Private Server with additional content that is lore and atmosphere friendly (ever wondered what it looks like to see a Tauren with Plainsrunning? or a Paladin with taunt?). If you enjoy the Vanilla experience but want unique and new content built around leveling to 60 TWoW could be for you.

Also there is a Hardcore mode, turtle mode (slower xp gain), survival profession and so much more!

Website: https://turtle-wow.org - Discord: https://discord.gg/MyF5wQYHdr

Need to fix your vanilla client? https://github.com/hannesmann/vanillafixes/releases | https://github.com/brndd/vanilla-tweaks/releases

Edit: As I get questions, I will answer them here. I am an ex-dev of TWoW and in no way represent them. /u/tw_torta is the Server Owner.

With the character rebalancing on TWoW, is the spec pool more viable? Yes! Meta classes are still pretty dominant, but much more specs are seen and are viable for leveling (druids get insect swarm as a learned ability for example and a new talent to replace it).

Is crafting more valuable compared to classic? Way more valuable, there are a lot of recipes that help fill in gear gaps, and it for sure creates a better economy from what I can tell and makes professions very, very useful while leveling.

Are the new dungeons/raids going to be sidegrades or trying to fix "holes" in classic design? Yes, most of the new content is below level 55 to help substitute weird gaps in the classic leveling experience. You can expect locations to have extra buildings or new npc's, maybe more quests, or entirely new hubs altogether (2 goblin islands near Booty Bay, goblins in dustwallow marsh, etc)

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Discussion Would play a WoW Classic prequel, that takes place either during or before the War of the Ancients?


A lot of people over the years have discussed a WoW sequel, but hear me out. What if instead we got a prequel that takes place ~10,000 years prior to the WoW Classic timeline?

According to the WoW lore, 10,000 years ago, the Burning Legion invaded Azeroth and there was a huge global conflict known as the War of the Ancients. At the end of this war, a massive source of energy sitting at the center of Azeroth literally exploded, which split the landmass into the parts that we know in the current WoW, i.e. Kalimdor, Northrend, Pandaria, Kul Tiras, etc. This event is known as the Sundering in the WoW lore.

I think there is huge untapped potential here. Over the years, WoW has given us a lot of flashbacks from this era, but a MMORPG that actually takes place in the pre-Sundering world could be the breath of fresh air that the Warcraft franchise needs.

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Discussion The document that the Hardcore addon devs submitted to Blizzard regarding the features they want to see on official Hardcore servers has been leaked. It includes a guild banks, Heroic dungeons, a system to prevent dungeon spamming, anti-griefing measures, etc. See screenshots for complete list.


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Discussion How do people watch HC streamers? All they do is fake reactions and deaths 24/7 for content.


Xaryu's clips popped up in my YT feed the other day and he lost a low level warrior because he was literally killing things higher level than him, not looking at the screen, purposefully dying so he can fake a reaction for content.

Mind you Xaryu was literally part of Classic Lv 60 dueling tourneys, server first raid events and is a multi-R1 and this guy has to spend his day acting overreacting to Level 20 Barrens quests to keep his chat alive.

The whole scene is just milking boring content and farming reactions, and I mean good for them for making money off of it but man it's just so low brow and talentless content that it makes it hard not to cringe when you see it.

For the people who genuinely watch these Twitch streamers daily, how do you guys get past all the fake reactions? It's just so hard not to notice it and tune out.

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Discussion For those discussing how Blizzard will implement protection or an appeal system against griefers and disconnects — this is probably what the reality of hardcore is going to be like (ss taken directly from diablo 3 character creation)

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Discussion On official HC servers, the ability to trade, use the mailbox, use the AH, or even RMT... won't matter. Scrubs will still drop like fly.


Maybe a controversial take, but IMHO everything that you guys are worried is going to ruin HC won't actually matter. Let's take your average HC player who always dies between lvl 15 and 20. Let's say he swipes the credit card, trades gold for real money, and buys some insane twink gear from the AH at lvl 10. Enchanted green items, enchanted weapon that OHKOs mobs, 16 slot bags, etc.

I can guarantee you that person still won't make it past level 40. They will get cocky, try to take on too many mobs at once and die. Or fall off a cliff and die from fall damage. Or aggro a high-level roaming elite mob (ex: the bird Zaricotl in Badlands) and die to that. The grind from 40 to 60 is tedious and most people don't make it no matter how good their gear is. Buying OP gear from the AH won't change much to that. The good players will make it to 60 in a couple of hours faster but that's it. And even those that pay for dungeon boosts from lvl 10 to 60 will die the moment they step foot in an end-game dungeon.

tl;dr: even with potential RMT on official HC servers, scrubs will still die before reaching 60.

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Discussion If there's anything to learn from the Classic community, it's that it loves super massive dungeons. Take notes Blizzard.


What do people think of when they think of great dungeons in WoW? They think of places like Zul'Farrak, Uldaman, Maraudon, The Sunken Temple, Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Spire. Massive dungeons that feel epic and grand to progress in, and that tell a story. In fact, many people would argue that Blackrock Depths is still to this day the best dungeon in the history of the game.

If Blizzard giving us Classic+ was simply them adding a few dungeons like that, along with making some small changes to underperforming hybrid specializations in Classic, I think it would make a lot of people happy without fundamentally breaking the game.

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Discussion Why do Classic players not like Arena?


Just a genuine question because i've seen a ton of people get hyped for Wrath arenas back during TBC, and I was really happy to see P1 filled with tons of new PvPers and I came for P2 a couple months ago and Arena participation on my server at least has taken a complete nose dive.

I just wanted to know why people don't like Wrath arena/PvP and don't want to participate, not looking for debates or arguments but just a general idea for the problems people have with PvP in this expansion.

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Discussion "it's okay because everyone buys gold anyway"


This is such a shit mentality. Yeah, let's reduce crime rates by making the crime legal, that's a great plan.

Gold buying shouldn't be happening to begin with. It ruins the integrity of the game. Being able to just swipe credit card and immediately get whatever you want is completely antithetical to what Classic is supposed to be. There's a reason why pretty much every pserver cracked down hard on gold selling/buying, and we're seeing it: the game gets flooded with bots/GDKP/boost spam if you don't. Yeah, those things DO exist on pservers, but to a much lesser extent because gold buying / gold selling actually gets you permabanned, and the admins actually give a shit to hunt down and ban bots.

And instead of fighting back against the rampant "swipe credit card to win" gameplay, Blizz is openly embracing that playstyle just to make a quick buck before WOTLK ends. They most likely know that even if they do launch a "cata classic", there will be a huge dropoff in subs because most of us aren't interested. So might as well milk us while we're still here.

I was willing to accept the things like H+ and some class balancing changes, as they are pretty beneficial to the health of the game, but openly endorsing pay2win gameplay is just outright stating that you don't actually care about making a good game.

Really, it's clear Blizzard just does not give a single fuck:

-BGs still flooded with bots

-bots still farming instances 24/7

-Cannot transfer to some servers even if they're nowhere near full

-Heavy handed class changes, some that are ineffective and others that are way too effective

-Barely communicates with us at all, the most we get is a single blue post every few weeks, meanwhile retail gets constant attention and communication, classic is an afterthought

-Arena participation is at its lowest in history due to rating issues and rampant cheating going unpunished

-And now they openly encourage swiping credit card to win by adding WoW Token

GG blizz, now people are flocking back to private servers since you've shown you don't give a fuck about Classic.

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Discussion MadSeason was right. The slope is slippery


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Discussion I would like to see HC category with literally zero addons.


I wonder how much would players endure and how far would they get using NO addons at all. The exception would of course be the HC addon.

EDIT: Wow, a lot of defensive comments. I didn't mean to say addons are bad lol. Nor I think Vanilla is good without addons. I'm simply saying that it would be funny to see people play like ONE RUN without addons just for a different experience.

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Discussion The salt level on this subreddit is going to be insane when official Hardcore servers release

  1. No appeals
  2. Griefing will be rampant and highly creative
  3. Whole groups of people will die to various internet/server issues

The crying on here will be biblical, and I can't wait for it.

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Discussion The Night elf Empire before the Great Sundering

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Discussion Any other gdkp leaders get banned today?

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Randomly got banned today after doing my gdkp last night. Have never purchased gold, simply run gdkps and raid lead to generate my wow income. Hit with a 14 day ban. I have been running these since AQ40 and never once received a ban. Timing with the wow token dropping this week is absolutely sus. Blizzard what is going on here?

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Discussion Deadliest Creatures for HC characters in Deathlog addon


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Discussion Are yall going to keep using the Hardcore addon when official servers come out?


Just curious if most people are going to continue to use the addon with all its restrictions or if your just going to level freely without the addon? I feel its best to have a consensus on this because people without the addon will be trying to invite people using the addon without knowing they cant group up. It'll be interesting. What is your thoughts?

Edit: alright seems to be a pretty general consensus that most don't want to use it, and I agree honestly. May keep it just for the death log but that's about it.

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Discussion With TOGC right around the corner how was your experience with "one of the greatest raids of all time" Ulduar?


Some quick thoughts of mine; while I definitely think it lived up to its hype in terms of epicness and amazing fights, I think it did start to become a chore pretty fast. Last time I checked on Warcraft logs, Ulduar had the slowest speed run time to date, making it the longest raid in classic wow so far. I also wish hard mode dropped an entirely different loot pool rather than one item. It feels pretty unrewarding to get one 1-2 of a hard mode item in 4 months of raiding.

I also think Ulduar really starts to get into that realm being too difficult for the majority of the player base. It makes it more and more difficult to play the game on a casual level. Not saying it's too difficult for me, but the stats don't lie, the majority of players have not completed every hard mode boss.

Overall, still very impressed and I had a great time but given the chance to go again I'm not sure I would.

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Discussion Hot take Hardcore goes against what Classic is praised for and retail is bashed for.


What I mean is Hardcore is essentially a single player game (yes you can duo or trio I prefer seeing those) but if you do it solo you can’t trade with people can’t group for anything other than 1 dungeon at a time. It’s just pretty wild that many people complained about retail being a single player game and praising classic’s open world interactions yet hardcore literally goes against it. Yes you have the random guild chat spam , or general chat spam (you have the same thing on retail) this post isn’t to say hardcore bad or retail good I just thought it was funny that hardcore is somewhat contradicting things people said they loved about Classic.

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Discussion Why are some people defending P2W in Classic ?


Buying gold is cheating, no matter what you think.

Gold in an MMORPG and particularly in classic, is progression, and buying progression with money kills the entire balance of the game. It's called P2W and why the f*ck is this in a subscription based game and worst of all, in a Classic version ?

People buying gold to cheat are no excuse for blizzard to legitimate this behaviour. Why not giving us lvl 80 boost now ? And also paid BiS ? What's the difference ? People buying gold should have been permanently banned from the game, and trust me a lot less people would have done this. Those 2 weeks ban were a joke, of course a lot of people were buying, the punishment was just ridiculous.

This game is so dead. And people defending this is making me so sad.

EDIT : for the people saying " it will not affect my gameplay, I don't care. IT WILL !

Buyable token with real € is a game design aberration :

  • People that don't want to invest money will be disadvantaged because prices will inflate, making buying gold " the norm ".
  • Acquiring rewards is often the main motivation in MMORPGs, making your character stronger, acquiring gear, and golds. Introducing a way to acquire those rewards with real money, even if you don't buy with real money, completely devaluate their value, diminishing the sense of satisfaction for all player and particularly with the casuals that I am part of. Don't forget it's a shared world where people are all equal and should earn their progression in the long term.
  • gold farming makes the open world alive. Some open world gold farming methods such as gathering are making the open world feeling alive, creating interactions between players. Farming is necessary in MMORPGS to create those social moments. I am not talking about having a conversation with every one farming gold but meeting players in the open world just create this feeling of a living world.

Allowing players to buy gold in an MMORPG is fundamentally BAD GAME DESIGN, no matter what you think. And saying that " people already bought gold before " is not an argument.

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Discussion A segment from the WoW Diary, it's been posted before but it seems relevant once again...

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Discussion Wouldn’t banning buyers solve the problem?



So I had a small chat with u/sneakysig , linking him for transparency and so that maybe he can provide some nuance.

I had a pressing question which I saw noone pose in I am a botter / seller at the start of every expansion, AMA which is: Wouldn’t banning buyers solve the problem? As long as the demand is there, supply will be there, sure. So kill the demand?

Bots might be up again in 15 minutes. Actual players won’t. Bots might have nothing to lose. Actual players do.

If Blizzard would actually swing the ban hammer on buyers - I imagine demand dies down almost immediately.

So, I asked sneakysig about it, and he said: “No, as 25-30% of the people would cease to pay subs.”

Now, I wouldn’t make the case that he has unquestionable authority on this matter, however, so far I haven’t encountered any real argument why this wouldn’t work.

And so, if this is the only hinderance there is, and Blizzard knows this, the whole meandering around botting simply becomes pretense. They only ban bots occasionally, in waves, to appease the playerbase. They don’t see RMT as enough of a problem to actually stop it, cause if they would, people would unsub (or would they? Honestly, I’m not so sure). No, it’s the opposite - They want to get in on it themselves. They introduce WoW Tokens, and they don’t ban players who buy from third parties because those are still paying customers - and they don’t want to appear hypocritical.

What keeps them from saying “Buyers will be banned - effective immediately”? What kept them from introducing such a policy at the start of an xpac?

Blizz has posted several blue posts recently in response to shitstorms - in an attempt to at least appear transparent. I have been genuinely repulsed - at least by the OW one, because they continue to only tell half the story. Pretense takes precedence over sincerity. If you actually want to change - do it right.

So - Why don’t you ban the buyers?

Edit. A bit late but I might add: I’m not talking about retroactively banning all the players of the past.

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Discussion The Classic Wrath WPvP Revolution.


<Not a Bunch of Gankers> Mograine EU


My WPvP Guild on Alliance is absolutely smashing it on Mograine a 99.9% Horde server. We are attempting to Revive the WPvP in Wrath and looking for others with the same philosophies. Team play, community, competition and WPvP. We also do Arena, Death Races, Parkour events, Tourneys, PvE Raiding and all sizes of WPvP, from small to large.
We will teach, train and help players grow, gain gear and appreciate the competitive nature of WPvP combat. We are currently planning a Secret Massacre and would welcome any enthusiasts to join us.

If you wish to move an 80 to the server use a paid transfer to Thekal ----> Free Transfer to Mograine Alliance. If you starting up a new character, please be aware we don't recruit players unless they are lvl20+ now is a good time with the levelling buff!

We are self sufficient and work towards helping each other, be that in PvE Raiding for gear, Arena for rating or BGs for gear grinds. And there will be special events held once a week, including training sessions.

If this is something you are interested in add the GM on Bnet for a chat - Faylum#21666 or contact one of the officers in game - Kinzen, Bridgeyxo, Delphirose, Spoonburner, Urath, Dominica, Qs.

Looking forward to seeing some of you and keep up the griefing!

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Discussion WotLK is more 'retail' than 'classic'

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