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If you find yourself falling out of an airplane while flying without a parachute, what is the best strategy to maximize the chance of survival?


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Is it weird if I BBQ alone at a park in the middle of the night?


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Is rude to ask my girlfriend to go to the gym with me? We are both Chubby, I find her really gorgeous but at the gym alone I get very bored and would love her company, but I'm afraid she might misunderstand my intentions


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Why are boomers so hated?


What makes them such a hated generation especially by teenagers? The whole "ok boomer" trend was popular and I wonder how it started.

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How many ramen flavoring packets would it take to change the taste of an ocean?


I’m currently making some noodles and curiosity has piqued my interest

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Why are standard bath tubs not over 6ft long, seems like they are not designed for people 5ft 10 or over .


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Why did humans evolve to have seperate blood types + do other animals have different blood types within their species too?


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Do you have an internal monologue?


I recently discovered that a lot of people literally hear a voice in their head when they think. I do not, and I found this fascinating. What is your experience of thought like?

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If most people live to their 70s, then the midpoint of our lives is in our mid to late 30's. So how come the term "middle aged" usually refers to people in their 50s?


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Are cops allowed to just drive 75 mph in a 50 mph zone with no flashing lights or anything?


Every single morning... I usually try to stay around the speed limit and every morning I'm passed by cop or two who seems to be going awful fast, and sometimes they'll like aggressively pull right up behind me in the right lane and like.. pass me really aggressively and will pull back in front of me but like really close. I posted dash cam footage on our town page and people like screamed at me so I took it down.

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Unanswered Why is “Max” removing so many shows lately?


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Unanswered Why do Women in Conservative countries vote for laws that’ll arguably harm them?


Something I keep seeing in conservative countries is that their women keep voting for conservative politicians and laws that have a very good chance to hurt them in the long run. I first saw this when the Turkish First lady said that the only things a women should learn is to serve her husband or something along those lines.

Coincidentally enough there were mass riots in Turkey when Erdogan proposed to make the punishment for rapists is for them to marry their victims, something directly in line with Sharia law.

Now I’m not trying to push forward a political view but I’m wondering why conservative women are voting for laws that’ll harm them in the long run (or put people in power that’ll do the same thing).

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Why does alcohol still taste awful? I'm 21, and the legal drinking age here is 18. All my friends are already into drinking. Personally, I can't stand the taste of beer and wine, and even vodka and cocktails made for women (even though I'm a guy) are hard for me to handle. Is there any hope for it t


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Anyone else experience major cringe when attempting selfies, resulting in a complete avoidance?


Whenever I attempt to capture a selfie in solitude, there's an indescribable sensation of cringe that washes over me. I can't fathom the idea of snapping a selfie in the presence of others. I often ponder about the mindset individuals adopt when they embark on their selfie-taking endeavors.

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Why is so much importance put on math?


Growing up, I always struggled with math. I was almost held back in about two classes because I couldn't pass math, although I passed other classes. I've tried practically everything to learn it, but besides basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, I get so lost. But when it comes to things like government, English, literature, fine arts, etc., I excel. I could tell you every state in the US, and I'm not even American. I could also tell you about 70% of the countries in the world, their capitals, and their histories.

I just learned about dyscalculia some days ago, and it got me so angry that people tried to make it seem like it was my fault that I was failing math when I had no control over it. It got me wondering why math as a subject is seen as more important than other subjects. The fact that I was excelling in other subjects didn't matter as long as I was failing math.

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Attention parents of twins! Can you confidently confirm that your adorable duo still shares the exact same name they were given at birth?


Can you imagine a moment in time when you accidentally interchanged their names, and somehow, that slip-up became etched in their identities?

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Why are so many people in the West fascinated by Japanese culture ?


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How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?


I don’t have major reasons to stress. I have a job, etc. The one thing I’m stressing about a bit is a commercial property tenant who seems to be avoiding a rent adjustment as part of the lease agreement and me having to deal with the eviction process to get them to pay what they originally agreed to.

Other than that I don’t have much to stress over.

But I feel like many morning I wake up with a weird stressed internal feeling. I don’t know if it’s because I had nightmares I don’t remember. I don’t know if it’s because of physical stress from a lot of exercise. I don’t know if it’s from the tenant. Or if it’s because of the day of work ahead.

But there’s this feeling of worry when I wake up that I have to tell myself hey bud don’t worry.

Can you guys relate? I want to wake up with joy and hope. Is it possible?

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How many times should you forgive a person who cheats on you?


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Do you folks clean yourselves after urinating?


I personally ensure cleanliness after urinating. It's quite bothersome when the final droplet of urine finds its way into my undergarments. To avoid this inconvenience, I meticulously employ a small portion of toilet paper to gently cleanse any residual urine from my genitals. I wonder, are there other gentlemen who practice this habit? At times, I find myself wondering if I am the sole adherent of this practice.

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How can I politely inform a 15-year-old girl that while I appreciate her interest, I am considerably older by a decade, making it clear that a romantic relationship between us is simply not possible?


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Answered Could somebody theoretically build a underwater habitat/base at the bottom of the ocean, that humans could safely live in?


I know there’s pressure and stuff but could you make a structure down there that could support human life?

Also, could you possibly make it out of glass, or have cameras on the outside that could help someone inside, see outside (I know there would be nothing to see)?

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What's an alternative to Reddit?


I'm sick and tired of receiving posts from blocked Redditors and suggested communities because I had the misfortune of visiting one community one time. I visited my daughter's college community now I'm inundated with suggested college communities. I thoughtlessly clicked on a home repair post and now I have beat back with a stick stupid communities like r/drywall and r/copperpipe! Don't get me started on the ceaseless posts from towns like r/decauter or r/fargo!

Jesus Christ! I've had enough!